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Now more than ever, is the time to Measure What Matters.

Now more than ever, is the time to measure what matters.   A lot of organisations start out with the right... read more

Why some mobile payment solutions are just not taking off in Africa

There have been a lot of launches of “mobile payment solutions” since MPESA’s success in Kenya. There was one... read more

7 Ways your business is being negatively affected by misalignment between strategy and operations

1. Your company is losing money – your business is probably spending money on some products, roles, business units... read more

Seeing through my Crystal Ball – 10 business trends you need to know

1. Online Advertising – Advertising is going digital (online and mobile). i. People are spending more and more time... read more

12 Benefits of using Software as a Service

1. Save on hardware costs – you don’t have to procure servers to host applications and databases because your... read more



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