Our History

IMD Innovations is a holding company, which has interests in management consulting, Internet software, mobile technology, mobile and electronic commerce. IMD Innovations operates with three different brands, with each brand having individual autonomy.
• The IMD Innovations brand is used both as the holding company brand as well as in the management consulting space. IMD Innovations is focused on assisting organisations to achieve success. It uses a variety of cutting edge interventions to solve business problems and exploit opportunities. IMD Innovations operates across business segments in providing strategy, process, operations and innovation consulting which is facilitated through an agile project management methodology and supported by technology.
• The Tumira brand operates in the mobile and e-commerce retail space. It utilizes cutting edge technology solutions to make day-to-day transacting easier and cheaper for all consumers.
• The iStratgo brand operates in the Internet and software development space. iStratgo is also the name of a platform designed to help organisations align their operations & projects to strategy, manage performance and motivate staff. The iStratgo tool is offered to customers via the Internet as software as a service.



• To help our customers achieve success by providing them with a variety
of applicable innovative interventions or solutions to solve their problems and exploit opportunities.



• Conduct business based on biblical principles
• Take time to understand our customers’ needs and requirements
• Attract and retain the best people and customers



Are you passionate about innovation, do you have above average analytical skills, do you want to join a fast paced start-up company and be part of building something lasting? Please e-mail your CV to jobs@imdconsulting.co.za



• Management Consulting
• Facilitated through project Management
• Strategy
• Process and Operations
• Innovation
• Enabled and supported by technology


Our Way of Success

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Company formed

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Awards and 300 empolyees

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